Maximum Motivation on Command - Hypnosis Audio

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Feel highly motivated in under 5 seconds!

If you liked my Maximum Motivation Hypnosis YouTube video, you'll love Maximum Motivation on Command. You'll learn how to go from "I don't feel like it" to "let's f**kin' do this!" in 2-3 seconds. How useful would that be to your life?

This can help you overcome procrastination. You'll have more than enough energy to easily get started, whenever you want, without having to listen to a 24-minute hypnosis video every time.

How it works

There's a little-known technique from Neuro-Linguistic Programming called "anchoring." Using anchoring, you can say 2 words to yourself and you'll suddenly feel a powerful rush of motivation.

This is as simple as training linking up one thing with another. If this, then that. Does Ivan Pavlov ring a bell?

Pavlov didn't get his dogs to revisit their puppy childhoods, challenge their cognitive distortions, or teach them to meditate on their doggy breath. He just linked up "if bell, then drool" over and over.

In the same way, we can just link up "If I say these 2 words to myself, then I'll feel highly motivated." We'll do that using imagination, hence the hypnosis part.

Since we are going to use the same imagination techniques from the Maximum Motivation Hypnosis YouTube video, I suggest you listen to that first before buying Maximum Motivation on Command. That way you can be sure it will work for you. (If you've done hypnosis before, you can skip this step.)

Listen to this 30-minute hypnosis audio once to get it initially installed. Listen 3-5 times (over the course of a week or two) to make it permanent for life. Then just say these 2 words to yourself anywhere from a few times a week to a few times a day to keep this "motivation anchor" alive in your nervous system.

If you ever stop using your anchor words and they don't work well anymore, just re-listen to this hypnosis training audio to refresh the anchor and it will be as strong or stronger than before.

Most psychotherapists and PhDs in psychology haven't yet learned how to install permanent anchors. I'm met ones who don't even believe it is possible! But it's actually quite easy. It's just a matter of imagination and repetition.

The basic structure of this training uses the format of "Post-Hypnotic Re-Induction Training" from Graham Old's excellent book Revisiting Hypnosis. And that format is a refinement of NLP anchoring, which itself is based in Pavlovian Classical Conditioning (with some differences).

So this is just how the brain works. It's not something fundamentally new, it's an application of a principle that has been proven to work for over a century. It's the very nature of learning. It's Hebb's Law: "Neurons that fire together wire together."

What it doesn't do

Will this solve all of your motivation problems? Maybe not, as motivation has different elements to it besides just a feeling (such as positive expectations of future possibilities, resistance to internalized authority, feeling connected with your values, and so on).

But this will teach you how to access a motivated state instantly. That's really helpful, because then you've eliminated one motivation problem and can then troubleshoot any remaining ones more easily.

It's also just fun to play with various states. Having a motivation anchor allows you to do things like play with state frequency (how many times a day can you get highly motivated?), state duration (how long can you remain in a highly motivated state?), state intensity (imagine a knob that controls the intensity and turn the state up and down), and state flexibility (go back and forth between highly motivated and deeply relaxed, every 30 seconds or so, for 5 minutes). You can even create blended states like happy + motivated, or grateful + motivated, and so on.

I believe most people's lives would radically change for the better if they had just 5 or 10 positive state anchors installed in their nervous system. So I'm on a mission to make that easy for people, as easy as sitting back and listening to someone talk and imagining some things in your mind.

The vast majority of humans are basically slaves to how they feel. Learning anchoring can free you from the tyranny of your reactive emotions and put you back in the driver's seat.

Develop freaky emotional intelligence by installing a bunch of resource anchors. It's great fun. 🙂

This hypnosis audio also has built-in safety suggestions so no one else can use your magic words against you, neither me nor anyone else. Also you can't use your magic words to do anything harmful, only things that are basically beneficial.

A new superpower for only $7

How much is it worth to learn this skill and have it for the rest of your life?

Imagine being able to easily motivate yourself to start hard tasks that will make you much more money if you do them, the kinds of things you wish you could get yourself to do but never get around to doing.

Use these magic words to get started on value-producing tasks that bring in more income, and it will pay for itself tens of thousands of times over.

Or imagine using this skill to do things that will lose you money if you fail to do them, like how failing to exercise regularly could cost you in medical bills in the future.

If you really think about the value of being able to motivate yourself to get started in seconds, it’s definitely in the thousands if not 10’s of thousands. I’m keeping it inexpensive though, so that more people can learn and use it.

I want this!

1 x 30-minute .mp3 hypnosis audio file that will install a "motivation anchor" so you can feel motivated instantly, whenever you want.

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Maximum Motivation on Command - Hypnosis Audio

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I want this!