Transform Anxiety in Endless Ways using Submodalities

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Many people don't believe it's possible to change automatic anxious feelings at all. In this 50-minute video presentation, I'll show you that not only can we change automatic emotions like anxiety, we can do so in a nearly infinite number of ways, once you understand the basic principles.

Modalities are our senses — visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. Sub-modalities are aspects of those senses like brightness, color vs. black and white, location, distance, and so on.

Making changes to submodalities is like reprogramming your unconscious mind with incredible precision, because how we represent things determines how we feel. You don't even need to change what you are thinking about if you change how you are thinking about it. Then just practice in your mind a few times and the new, calmer response quickly becomes automatic.

In this 50-minute video, you’ll learn endless ways to creatively transform anxiety in yourself or in your clients by making changes to submodalities. Detailed handouts include two step-by-step applications of these principles that have been tested with many anxious people...including myself!

What you will learn:

  • Learn the key question that elicits someone's visual and auditory thoughts which cause their anxious feelings.
  • Learn a super simple recipe to turn kinesthetic feelings into visual representations so you can easily make submodality shifts.
  • Discover several time-tested submodality shifts that really work for transforming anxiety.
  • Know exactly what to do when a client can't make the submodality shift.
  • Never run out of ideas when working with a challenging person that doesn’t respond to the “normal” techniques!

What other hypnotists had to say about this presentation:

"For a pre-recorded presentation, this is wonderfully interactive. Most excellent, Duff."

"That totally calmed the anxiety I don't even have."

"Wow! I am so zen."

"Thank you Duff I am really enjoying your presentation. You are a wonderful speaker."

While this was originally presented at the ICBCH 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention, you do not need hypnosis or NLP training to understand and learn the principles in this video. Transform your own anxiety, or learn how to become a more effective coach, hypnotist, or psychotherapist today!

Includes a 50-minute video download, PDF handouts, and a PDF of the slides I use in the video.

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50-minute video download, PDF handouts, and a PDF of the slides

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Transform Anxiety in Endless Ways using Submodalities

2 ratings
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