Transforming Money Fears Masterclass

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In this recorded class taught live in May-June 2024, you'll learn specific methods for transforming any fears you have around money. The goal is to go from feeling worried and stuck to feeling safe and optimistic! And that's exactly what happened for many people in the class (see feedback below).

When you feel good about money, you're more likely to try things that will bring in more money. This is especially helpful for those of us who are entrepreneurs, as we create our own fortunes. So hopefully this class will pay for itself!

This class took place in three 90-minute live Zoom classes on Saturdays, in May and June 2024. Now it's available as recordings. This includes...

  • Full videos of each session, for streaming or download
  • Full audios of each session, for streaming or download
  • Full transcript of all sessions
  • Audio and video excerpts of guided hypnosis sessions, movement "pattern interrupt," and tapping sessions
  • Optional English closed captions on all videos
  • Handouts for two processes (useful for coaches guiding clients)
  • Possibly relevant AI content based on the sessions (quotes, reflection questions)

Get it all for just $77.

You can also get a free intro to one technique taught in the class first.

Learn Powerful Techniques for Transforming Fear and Anxiety

I've spent the last 20+ years collecting powerful techniques to transform my state. That's because I used to be afraid of everything, from making phone calls, talking to new people, and even the little strings on bananas. I was so socially anxious growing up I went mute 99% of the time, for nearly 8 years.

In my search for solutions, I found powerful techniques that actually worked, especially from hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I used these methods over and over, and successfully cleared out my generalized and social anxiety. For many years now my baseline anxiety level has been zero. That's remarkable considering I had non-stop anxiety for 25 years!

I've also helped lots and lots of coaching clients overcome their fears and anxieties. This shit works.

But recently I got COVID. As I was in bed all day feeling miserable for a couple weeks, I started to feel fear and anxiety come back. It's not social anxiety — I'm just as comfortable as ever with people. It's not about making phone calls or doing public speaking or bananas. It's specifically fear about not having enough money.

Why? Because when I was sick, I couldn't do shit. It triggered some old trauma from back when I had chronic fatigue and was broke. According to my brain, not being able to do things for a couple weeks "means" I won't make enough money and will die. I know my brain is just trying to protect me, what a great brain! But this fear feels awful, and ironically keeps me from taking action on things that could make me more money.

Maybe you can relate.

Feel Safe and Optimistic, Even in This Economy

Luckily I know how to transform this kind of stuff. Most people don't though. I've seen lots of people worried about money lately because of the economy, being laid off, etc.

Economic ups and downs are inevitable. But fear and anxiety are optional. Many rich people are also stressed about money, which shows it's not as simple as lack of money causing the fear.

The good news is we can resolve the stress around money. This will then free up energy to do something about it, to try new things that could bring in more income.

That's what I'm doing myself, and it's working, because I'm applying the same tools that worked to transform 25 years of living in a constant fear state, to where my baseline is feeling pretty damn good.

Let's fucking do this. Let's resolve money fears for good. I wonder what would be possible for you if fear no longer stopped you?

This is probably the only time I'll teach this class, because I have ADHD and get bored easily haha. But I'll be making the contents into a product I'll sell ongoingly. Sign up for the live class and you'll get all the recordings forever.

Specific Things We'll Learn and Practice Together

  • The 3 keys to transforming fear and anxiety. Practiced together, these are extremely powerful. Most people don't even know #2 exists!
  • Physiological hacks for reliable deep relaxation, using vision, breath, attention, imagination, and more. So you have lots of options to play with.
  • Transforming specific fear triggers in infinite ways, so you can be automatically calm without willpower.
  • Loosening up unhelpful money beliefs with weirdly effective "mode-shifting" questions. These gentle questions really work to change any limiting beliefs you have.
  • Transforming uncertain futures from scary to exciting, because the unknown can actually be great fun!
  • Whatever else I come up with between now and then.

Bring your comfy pants because you're gonna feel super relaxed! There are guided hypnotic experiences, movement breaks, and weird tapping stuff that somehow feels amazing. You're gonna love it.

Disclaimer: This masterclass is not psychotherapy and does not aim to diagnose or treat any mental illness.

Feedback from People Who Took the Class Live in 2024

These responses are from a survey given at the end of the class. Shared anonymously with permission (with some minor edits for clarity).

What was the most valuable part of the training for you?

"I went from feeling insecure about making new moves in business and marketing to feeling free to experimenting with new ideas - and even becoming more comfortable with the idea of 'figuring it out.'"

"Can't say what specifically led me to them, but I'm making things happen now that I would have feared before."

"As a student who wants to improve her relationship with money - it was valuable to reflect on my money fears and the hidden assumptions behind them. I really enjoyed summarizing them into the COST...makes it really clear. I also really enjoyed the flow of the we took some time to reflect and then went into experiences that regulated our nervous system since this work can be activating. The tools and perspectives taught were very practical and clear, which I love."

"As a subconscious change work practitioner - I really enjoyed observing Duff sharing their gifts as a teacher! Being in the class inspired me to create some group experiences too and gave me some ideas on structure."

What's one thing Duff did well?

"Duff is so calming and reassuring!"

"Amazing hypnosis sessions!"

"Duff you are clearly an experienced teacher and facilitator. We started and stopped on time every week and felt like everything (on you agenda) was covered."

"You did a lot of things well! In particular, I really enjoyed your hypnosis journeys, movement breaks, and the tapping [and] mode shifting questions. They were relaxing, insightful, and gentle. I also really like your perspective about experimentation and progress over time. I like that the series was broken up into 3 made it easy to digest the content, and even though I couldn't make it live to all 3, I looked forward to watching the replays. Lastly, I appreciated how in Gumroad all the notes, quotes, reflection questions, and resources are laid out. Thank you for taking the time to do that!"

Anything else you want to share?

"I completely transformed my experience with experimenting with ideas. I had some brewing for a long time, but it was this class that helped me take that plunge."

"I felt some opening into hope around money terror! This is a deep seated trauma for me so it will take time to heal but now I have the recordings forever. Had a joyful time and looked forward to each class."

"Nicely done in putting a class together on a spontaneous whim! Love that."

"I've found the play in what was just work before. It's like I'm literally looking at things in different ways, and looking at different things (the fun things rather than the scary ones)."

"I'm really glad I joined your class! Thank you for everything. When I was watching the replay of the first day, I was thinking 'hell yeah - this resonates so much more than Manifestation Babe.' HAHA! The thought came into my mind because she was doing her 'Sovereign Money' launch about that time and posting all these things about being a money queen and 'dripping with money' stuff. To me, it's really helpful to have conversations and trainings around money mindset that are not centered around ego based desires and 100K months. Everyone has different goals when it comes to their finances, and I'd much rather chat about it with someone who I can relate to as a human....because for the most part, we live ordinary lives that don't include monthly 1st class international travel, designer clothing, etc. Sooo...keep going!"

You Don't Have to Buy This

If you've read this far, you're probably seriously considering buying this class and transforming your money fears. That's great!

And you also don't have to. I invite you to check in with your intuition and do what's right for you. Marketers say you're supposed to sell with fear and pain, but I think we have enough fear and pain in the world already. There's a better way to live. We can do things out of feeling safe and joyful instead.

If you have any questions about the course I can help answer, feel free to get in touch.

Whether or not you choose to purchase this class, may you feel safe and secure with money, as well as optimistic and excited about what possibilities might emerge!

May all beings be happy and free from suffering. ❤️🏳️‍🌈😊

~Duff (they/them)

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3 x 90 minute recorded sessions, available on video and audio, streaming and download. Full English transcript. Excerpts of guided hypnosis and tapping sessions. Handouts for two powerful belief change techniques. Bonus money fears pattern interrupt mini class.

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Transforming Money Fears Masterclass

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